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Accessorising in the age of Zoom

Don't forget to dress up your neck, ears, wrists and hair

Life may be slowly returning back to normal as shops and restaurant open up, yet for most of us it will still be a while until we go back to work. If you are like me, you’ll have your wfm (working-from-home) set-up and routine down to a tee. I wrote about how dressing for each day can play an important role in how productive your day plays out, and while this is still true - when it comes to dressing yourself in the morning, accessorising doesn't seem to be as important since lockdown began.

While you’re sat at your desk (or makeshift one) in your carefully picked out shirt (and let’s be honest, tracksuit bottoms/ leggings), adding a pair of earrings or a bright necklace can be the perfect way to smarten and elevate your look. At the beginning of lockdown I tended not to dress my neck, ears and wrists, but now have found that by putting on a colourful necklace, dangly earrings, or chunky bracelet has made me feel better - especially when I catch a glimpse of myself on the screen. Accessories have the ability to completely transform your outfit, and your sartorial choices can have an impact on how you feel, as well as how the person sat on the other side of the screen perceives you.

So, what is best jewellery to wear while on Zoom? Wear whatever you feel is comfortable, accessorising is a fab way to bring out your personal style. One day you might reach for a bright and chunky necklace, and the next, a dainty beaded one. For your hair, if you’re sick of wearing it down but want to do something more with it - opt for a fun scrunchie, chunky headband, or colourful clip. Accessorising in the age of zoom is the perfect time to show off your collection of jewellery, not only will you feel glam, but you'll look like you have made a lot of effort without doing much.

(I am wearing a vintage Tommy Hilfiger shirt, silver bracelet and rings)

Earrings: SCREAM pretty, £45, www.screampretty.com

Scream Pretty is a British jewellery brand that has been designed and curated by sisters Lucy Lee and Jessica Pearce. First debuted in 2016, Scream Pretty’s stylish, high quality and affordable jewellery has made them popular as they are everyday pieces. I’m wearing the lime green opal huggie hoop earrings, made with recycled silver that has been produced from used jewellery, scrap silver, electronic and medical equipment. Check out their instagram here.

Necklace: Polly & Blonde, £12, https://www.etsy.com/shop/pollyandblonde

Polly & Blonde is a fabulous brand run by Amber, where she makes all her jewellery by hand. She is know for her beaded necklaces and bracelets, and colourful and bold earrings. The lilac daisy chain is perfect for layering with your other jewellery and is great for summer. Check out the brands Instagram here.

Bracelet: Cardi Bead, £30 per bracelet, www.cardibead.com

Cardi Bead is indicative of the fun, playful jewellery we all wore growing up. Like something out of a treasure chest, all designs are vibrant and brings an air of nostalgia when you wear them. Every item is handmade with love in London by Annabelle - a young jewellery enthusiast with a love of fashion and all things shiny. Check out the brands Instagram here.

Scrunchie: Jeneral Store, £8, www.jeneralstore.co.uk

Jeneral Store is a sustainable fashion brand, that produces trendy and affordables pieces. With a focus on soft pastels in dreamy patterns and fabrics, a section of vintage, circular and sustainable pieces are brought back to life in their Manchester studio by Jen of Jeneral Store. Check out the brands Instagram here.

Shop my edit of my favourite accessory brands that will brighten up any Zoom meeting, and they may even be a conversation starter.


1. Keystone Pearl Earrings, £74, www.anonomajewellery.com

2. Notte Jewelry, £64, www.nottejewelry.com

3. Lollipop The Brand, £12, www.lollipopthebrand.com

4. Éliou at Net-A-Porter, £135, www.net-a-porter.com

5. Nina Pippa, £60, www.ninapippa.com


1. July Child Jewellery, £62, www.julychild.co.uk

2. Felt Fancy, £16, www.feltfancy.co.uk

3. Mathe Jewellery, £42, www.mathejewellery.com

4. Rhimani, £16, www.rhimani.co.uk

5. Bloma Shop, £32, www.blomashop.com


1. Margaux Studios, £42, www.margauxstudios.com

2. Poppa Loop on Etsy, £12, www.etsy.com

3. Pura Utz, £110, www.purautz.com

4. Et Toi, £42, www.et-toi-paris.com

5. Aurélie Bidermann at Matchesfashion, £145, www.matchesfashion.com


1. Zara, £7.99 for 2, www.zara.com

2. Arket, £7, www.arket.com

3. Roop at Sefridges, £15, www.selfridges.com

4. Social Scrunchies on Etsy, £4, www.etsy.com

5. Accesorize, £4, www.uk.accessorize.com

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