• Olivia Hansen

Are Toddler Sandals the Hottest Summer Shoe?

The time has come to actually put on a pair of shoes and venture outside beyond the four walls of the house. You will need to leave your safe net, where you’ll be greeted by warm and welcoming weather (hopefully). You could easily shove on a pair of trainers or some trusty flip flops, but there is something far more exciting that has risen up above the rest. Move over dad sandals, and welcome toddler sandals - or, classically named, fisherman sandals.

What is a toddler/fisherman sandal you ask? Well, it is only the perfect hybrid of your favourite pair of jelly sandals you would have worn all throughout your childhood, and a pair of chunky gladiator sandals. These sandals are the perfect grown-up version of your much loved childhood shoe, and are normally made from leather with a metal buckle. So step aside Hush Puppies and Rocket Dog, as we have grown out of our much loved school shoes, we step into the likes of Marni and Dr Martens for a sophisticated aesthetic.

How does one dress these sandals? The same way you would dress the much loved dad sandals - wear with your favourite pair of jeans, floaty dress or maxi skirt. Let your shoes do the talking as your summer wardrobe remains cool and dainty. I personally love personally contrasting feminine clothing with large and chunky shoes, a trend that we have seen on the runway at Cecile Bahnsen, Michael Kors and Simone Roche.

I am sure you’re just as excited as I am about this trend, so I shan’t hold you back from them any longer.

Shop my edit of the 10 best toddler sandals on the market:

The Row, £900, www.therow.com

Skechers, SALE £30.55, www.skechers.com

Topshop, £32, www.topshop.com

Prada at Net-A-Porter, £610, www.net-a-porter.com

Dr Martens, SALE £95, www.drmartens.com

Marni at Farfetch, SALE £330 , www.farfetch.com

Church's, £480, www.church-footwear.com

Marks and Spencer, £45, www.marksandspencer.com

K.JACQUES at Matchesfashion, £158, www.matchesfashion.com

Grenson, SALE £64, www.grenson.com

Urban Outfitters, £152, www.urbanoutfitters.com

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