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Breaking down the dress codes of my friends WFH outfits

Reaching a month in lockdown has felt like a momentous event, without any great personal achievement. Our lives may still be in some warped freeze frame, but if you are like me, you are still managing day to day tasks with an attempt at creating normalcy with a routine. A big part of this routine can be found in getting dressed every morning, an act that has always been an important start to any day, but has subsequently become the main event that can control how the rest of your day pans out.

I felt inspired to share a realistic portrayal of the WFH outfits my friends and I have actually been wearing, when I came across that fabulous Instagram account ‘wfhfits’. I'm assuming you know that ‘wfh’ means working from home … duhh. With a following of 24K (and is steadily climbing), this account has accumulated the best creative and fun looks that people have been sporting, while they get on with their mundane tasks at home. You’ll find looks like a chic bright yellow trackie set, committing to the colour of green in a way that it matches the wall paint, to wearing gold disco leggings with orange sliders, obviously. The account is truly inspirational, but I wanted to collect a real representation of what my friends were actually wearing day to day.

The daily struggles every morning have been, ‘if I wear sweats all day, that is a sure way that I will have a less productive day’, ‘I must wear workout gear because then I will inspire myself to workout half way through the day', or even, ‘I haven’t worn jeans in days, but it is still NOT a jean day … I have forgotten how jeans even feel’. Which ever stream of consciousness you find yourself sliding into, our worlds have turned on their heads, and the thought of having to get dressed into anything that feels remotely ‘dressed-up’ has become strange. If you have been an athleisure hoarder, now is your time to SHINE.

For me, dressing for a dystopian world that requires you to lounge about is a harder task than you might think. In a normal day I will wear leggings (the new saving grace of lockdown wear) for comfort paired with an oversized t-shirt or jumper with my trusty slippers. This is the perfect in-between outfit that means that I can throw on some trainers, a workout top and !bam! I am ready for any exercise my hour outside allows me. Emphasis on the word 'comfort', as 'tis the time to stay home, and if you are going to be on your bum for a lot of the day, why not make sure you are comfy?

I knew I wasn’t alone in the conundrum of dressing decisions and turned to my trusting gal pals to see what they were wearing and what their thought process was on dressing in these unsettling times.

Monochrome chic

Monochrome is the winning favourite, and understandably so, it's easy to throw on and look chic with minimal effort. So whether you are about to jump on a work Zoom call or a dash to the shops, you won't need to dress out of your beloved black leggings and cosy jumper.

From L to R

Amy - "I wanted a look that was both comfortable and seemingly professional so that I felt free enough to concentrate on my work, while looking put-together enough for my zoom calls. The glasses are anti-glare to help with headaches, but also cover the bags from my anxiety-driven restless nights - two birds!"

Alice - "All black cause I’m in mourning of my former life! Jumper quite smart casual so useful on con call, no one has to know you’re wearing leggings beneath (could be a dress for all they know)! Sweaty Betty leggings cause even in isolation I’m a brand whore and a pair of sliders cause why not"

Derbhla - "Waking up and getting dressed in an outfit I would wear to see my friends makes me happy, and it takes away some of the reality that I’m stuck inside and not going anywhere. A Gucci belt has been added in for a bit of glam and glitz, why not?"

Holly - "My go-to iso outfit has to be comfortable enough for a busy day of lounging while doubling up as workout clothes. I swapped the usual irritable makeup, uncomfy bra and tight jeans for natural face, sports bra, baggy t-shirt and leggings. The cup of tea is my daily accessory."

PJ party

What feels better than lounging in bed and imagining yourself as Holly Golighty (i.e. Audrey Hepburn) in Breakfast at Tiffany's? Nothing, thats what.

Abby - "Wearing my boujiest pj’s to fight the flu. Look good, think good, feel better."

Funky trousers gang

If trousers could talk, these would do all the talking. Funky trousers are the perfect way to add some jazz to an outfit with minimal effort.

From L to R

Issy - When working from home, comfort is key. Whilst pyjamas might be a stretch too far, I’m never afraid to whip out the snuggly panda socks!!

Kitty - Well my flare trousers are super comfy and stretchy so I can eat as much as I want and still look like I’ve made a bit of effort by not being in my trackies! Also my scrunchie adds a bit of colour and has been permanently in my hair for the whole of isolation - I also haven’t worn a bra which has been pretty nice

Katie S - Chosen mainly for the comfort aspect so then when I change position on my chair I’m not restricted. I also just love animal print and I wouldn’t normally wear it to work as can be quite loud, so being able to wear it whilst WFH is cool - channelling a bit of Tiger King ,

Katie S leopard print trousers and Adidas slidders

Sunbathing attire

When you need to keep comfy, its sunny outside and you want to show off your top - Chloe recommends wearing a crochet top with sweats. Could she be on to a winner?

Chloe - When working from home my main priority is comfort but I still like to take pride in my appearance even if no one can see! I decided to wear a cropped halter top as its a new top from South Africa, I love that green khaki colour at the moment and the weather has been amazing - so why not dress for the weather.

Roll-neck comfort

If I were to fall under any of these categories, I would definitely fall into this one. I love the warmth and comfort that roll necks bring to a pair of leggings - and lets not forget that they elevate any outfit you pair one with.

Emily - Wearing sports leggings for comfy vibes (and for lunchtime workout ease), with a chunky knit that looks smart for the zoom meetings but still extra cozy!

Jeans in lockdown?

When I asked my friends what they had been wearing, I had expected to see PJs, sweats and leggings, but thought jeans would be everyones last choice. It turns out that for Katie, jeans are on the cards... but comfy ones only!

Katie M - I've been wearing jeans (stretchy comfy jeans only!) on most working days at home because dressing properly, i.e. in clothes I would wear out of the house on a normal day, somehow makes me more productive with my work 'dress smart, think smart' perhaps? The top is one of my oldest most loved shirts and it's really comfy so I wear it a lot!

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