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Chanel's Spring/Summer Couture 2018

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Chanel, is regarded as the epitome of spectacles when it comes to their fashion runways. Not only are the clothes the centre of attention but, the setting in which they walk. The French fashion house built their very own Eiffel Tower in 2017’s haute couture show. As well as their own rocket, airport, supermarket, globe… we could go on. This year, however, is no exception from the supreme dominance that Chanel strives for in extraordinaire of runway designs. However, this year differs, there is an air of subtlety and naturalness. It is a beautiful Parisian garden encapsulated within The Grande Palais.

One can only imagine that a walk through a park would be this glamorous and sultry, as if one has stepped out of a noir film of the 1920’s. But wonder not because Chanel has made it into a reality. Karl Lagerfeld has created 68 bespoke pieces that ooze ageless elegance and a hint of modernity.

The Fashion House used their signature Chanel Tweed, in the iconic blazers as well as incorporating the 'mini skirt' to add a much needed summer vibe. However, with Lagerfeld's use of Chanel's most iconic designs he has of course added his very own touch.

I have selected a few of my favourite pieces from the collection incorporating glitz, showstoppers in the most 'subtle' way and glam.

Feather, sequins, cute booties and of course the beauty that is the bouffant of the dress.

I love the chiffon fabric, that pattern and the bohemian vibe this dress exudes.

These shoulder pads are everything, this style ran throughout the collection. This evening coat/dress is beautiful for a romantic stroll through the park.

Last but not least, this play suite with matching gloves is the modern twist that Lagerfeld has woven into the midst of the classic array of Tweed and suits.

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