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Golden Globes 2019 - My Favourite Looks of the Night

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Starting off the award season in Hollywood, the 76th Golden Globe was filled with plenty of colour unlike last years, 'all black dress code' for the Times Up movement. In Vogue's article from the event last year, 'Women in Black: Considering the Golden Globes’s Dress Code', Phelps states that there hasn't been a year that the red carpet mattered this much. And with this the designers, for that night created very personal but tastefully conscious gowns or suits without the distraction of a bold colour. However, the mood was lighter and so were the colours last night with the bright standouts including Lady Gaga, Claire Foy, Lupita Nyong’o and many more.

How could one possibly chose only a measly 5 looks from the evening? It is hard but we would be here until next year if we were to look at all of them. I have brought it upon myself to make a list of my favourite top 5 favourite looks from the night for the Actresses

1. Lady Gaga wore a pale blue Valentino Ballgown with detachable sleeves... and with hair colour to match! She is paying homage to Judy Garland who started in 1954 remake of A Star is Born, with Gaga's own twist. She was definitely the stand out on the red carpet in my opinion, with this bold but successful look. But of course it is Lady Gaga after all, so what would one expect?

2. Lucy Boyton dressed in Celine, channeled the 1970's in this divine dress. Looking every aspect of her character in the nominated film Bohemian Rhapsody. Boyton was literally glowing as she floated across the red carpet, in what one could imagine on a cloud with groovy funk music playing in every stride.

3. Laura Harrier wore Louis Vuitton & Giuseppe Zanetti. Harrier looked elegant in a black and white dress, although a contemporary take on the ensemble. The clash of the beautiful top pattern with the lower sequence created a layer of perfection that stood out, despite the lack of colour. She is rising up in the acting world and is acing the fashion world at the same time.

4. Gemma Chan wore a sensational blue Valentino Haute Couture dress. What I loved about this dress so much was from the front it was an organised cluster of material that opened up in a curtain manner to show her legs. From the back a beautiful boy with an open back lead to a long silk train. There were so elements to this dress, and it look exquisite on her.

5. Saoirse Ronan wore a low v line Gucci dress. As one of my favourite actresses, I always look forward to seeing what she is wearing. What I thought was so wonderful about this dress was it felt like a contemporary twist on a 1920's flapper girl, in the way that the beads bounced with every step. She looks every bit of a Hollywood actress in this sheer/ not sheer dress.

Olivia x

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