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How to motivate yourself to start working out from home during lockdown

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Being confined to our houses can have a massive impact on our mental health, and with our ability to try and stay positive in this uncertain time. With gyms and studios now closed for the foreseeable future, motivating ourselves to workout at home can be a struggle.

Over the last 3 weeks there has been an increase in home workouts that have been posted onto social media - with Instagram coming in at number one for home work out videos. 'Stop posting your home work outs' has become a running joke within the online community, as people have started to fill their content with home workouts since we have been presented with a great deal of time to self reflect and work from home. The hilarious Instagram account, @dudewithsign, who is known for his relatable cardboard signs, where he stands and holds in various areas of New York included this message in one of his recent posts.

Like others, I didn't take to this trend at first and thought it was rather self indulgent, showing off your fitness skills, while others (myself), are sat on their bed/couch eating biscuits watching you do burpees. Or the 'challenge' where people have been nominating their friends on Instagram to attempt 10 pushups, or go for a 5K run. However, as I reached the two week lockdown mark I decided enough was enough, I needed to attempt to do a home work out for myself, and for my sanity.

One of the biggest struggles I have faced while in lockdown has been getting a routine. Going to sleep late and waking up at 10 can't be good for anyones body, or mind. It began to dawn on me that I was starting to feel inspired by the home workouts and saw them as a sign to get off my butt and get those stomach muscles I had always been dreaming of. If not now, when? Luckily I had my sister. As you may have noticed, I am extremely bad as self motivating myself to exercise and found that exercising with her was a good way to start the next month of lockdown home workouts motivating each other.

Lorna Jane Leggings, Stella McCartney X Adidas trainers, Nike sports bra and Pure Gym top

I realised on my first day of this whole workout-from-home scenario that I couldn't just wear a comfy pair of sweats and a t-shirt, as this didn't seem to motivate me enough as I didn't have the feeling I was taking this seriously. Once I started to get sweaty and really jump about I felt uncomfortable and hot. I needed to make sure that I was wearing actual gym leggings and a fitted sports top to help improve my movement and motivation.

A glimps into the workout space that my sister and I have set up

Another way that my sister and I motivated ourselves, was to make sure that we had a proper gym space - a space that we didn't use regularly and one that was designated for our mats. We transformed my other sisters bedroom (she currently isn't at home) into our own personal gym. I am not a personal trainer by any stretch of the imagination, but after years of dancing and gym classes I have an idea of what I like and what works for me - with specific focus on going 'easy' as I haven't worked out properly for a while. There are a large array of home work out videos on YouTube that we have been following (I have attached my personal favourite home workouts for anyone that is interested - Warning they make your body burn after).




On reflection, as self indulgent home work out videos can be, it is best to see them as a reason to get off the couch and to exercise. I decided to take to home workouts as I think it is an amazing way to clear your head and try and form some normality and routine to your day - but to make sure you are lifting that mental fog. You will not find me posting videos of myself working out anytime soon, but I think we should look more fondly towards people who have made the time to try and inspire and encourage us to get our limbs moving once a day.

If the constant stream of home workouts online aren't persuading enough to get up, then looking at the hottest clothing will definitely help. Now that I have decided that 2020 is still my year, I have been scouring online for the dreamiest pieces that I want to include in my workouts. Whether you are going for a walk, run, cycle - or want to look great binge watching The Tiger King on Netflix, these pieces are a great addition to your wardrobe. Shop my edit of the best workout items that are out right now, at your fingertips.

Happy shopping:

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Victoria Beckham X Reebok, £55, www.reebok.com

Sweaty Betty's Eco Yoga Mat, £40, www.sweatybetty.com

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