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It’s time to get excited - the vintage shops Marianne’s best looks came from have been revealed

Another Marianne wardrobe appreciation post for everyone that hasn't fully recovered and is thirsty for every last drop of juice that we can squeeze from the Normal People fruit tree.

Raise your hand if you have watched Normal People more than once since it was released at the end of April (hand raises quickly). I have, but only a mer 3 times - and honestly, will probably watch it again before the end of lockdown. Why you ask? I can’t give a definitive answer as I am not sure if it’s due to the heart wrenching love story, Connell’s chain or Marianne’s sublime wardrobe (I think it’s probably all of the above). The BBC III show has been the perfect remedy for all of our lockdown woes, and while we long for another season - which realistically won’t happen - I’m still going to keep the series alive for as long as I can by writing about it.

It has recently come to my attention (through the form of a fabulous Grazia article) that the whereabouts of the vintage stores that sold Marianne’s best looks have been revealed. The show’s costume designer, Lorna Maria Mugan, was tasked with finding outfits for the entire cast and 80% of the extras, and was able to do this by shopping mainly in vintage stores and on the high-street.

Credit: BBC

Lorna and the show’s assistant designer, Siobhan Cahill, shopped mostly in Dublin, Ireland, (with visits to The HarlequinLucy’s Loungethe NCBI charity shopUnit KSiopaella and Jenny Vander Vintage), with just one trip to London (hitting Beyond Retro,Atika,House of Vintage and Search & Destroy). Lorna spoke to Natalie Hammond, Fashion News & Features Editor at Grazia UK, commenting that, ‘thrift stores are full of inspiration and were our favourite resource.’ Lorna’s strategic and sustainable choice to dress Marianne in striped back vintage attire, sustainable desire to acquire most of the show’s costumes from vintage stores was clearly a success, and truly believe that this news will ignite a fire in everyone to start shopping pre-loved timeless garments more.

Credit: BBC

Gail Kinsella, who has been running Jenny Vander Vintage since the early 90’s, has dressed Saorise Ronan, Keira Knightley and Florence Welch. Viewer’s upon spotting the, “coral chiffon dress, a black sundress and a chevron-printed maxi dress” cottoned on to where they were from. Gail received an overwhelmingly large response online to people wanting the dresses, “I woke up one morning and [had] about 900 messages on my Instagram. It was people saying, ‘Hi. I’d like Marianne’s dress in a size 14 please.’” Although we would all like the exact replicas of Marianne’s dreamy outfits, what makes vintage stores so appealing is their unique and pre-loved history.

Credit: BBC
Credit: BBC

Don’t worry about waiting for your local vintage stores to open, a lot of them will have accounts on Instagram and Facebook so that you can scroll through their collection and order straight to your door. If you still haven’t watched this unmissable series and are wondering why I keep harking on about it, it isn’t too late for you to watch it too! (It’s still available on BBC III)

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