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Off-Duty Fashion?

Boilersuits may make you look like you've just come back from helping conceal hazardous waste, or that you have just been fighting off ghosts in an 80's sitcom. But, this fast approaching trend is turning heads for the right reasons.

My knowledge of the boilersuit started about 2 weeks ago when I showed up to a formal dinner party, and one of the girls there was dressed in a white boilersuit with a cinched waist and heeled boots. I double took, thinking there could be a possibility that she has popped in from a construction site. As it turned out, it was not work attire but rather Topshop that had provided her with this rather daring (but in a completely different way to what daring would normally be referred to) outfit. I was in awe, a look that I wouldn't have looked twice at in envy was now beginning to climb into a rather comfortable but chic overall.

Starting my internship at The Times Fashion Desk the following Monday, I noted this was a conversation a lot of the girls were having. What was the consensus on the boilersuits? As fashion week rolled in, I realised that this trend hadn't even gotten close to the surface yet. It was clear that this look was about to take off faster than me running to the canteen at lunch time. With the likes of Bella, Gigi Hadid, Margot Robbie, Lily Depp and a handful of Insta influencer at fashion week, to name a few. What I think gives the boilersuit its appeal is the statement that it creates, while also being very similar to wearing a dungaree, but the only difference is that it has long sleeves.

This week we did a photoshoot for The Times Magazine, where the lovely stylist had suggested to the guest that she was styling that she should have a couple of photo's taken in a boilersuit. This woman freaked out and said it was a horrible idea and something that she could never envision herself wearing. After the first couple of outfits going well, she felt brave enough to try the suit on. And let's just say she didn't want to take the suit off. She went as far to say that not only does she wish she could steal it from the set, she would go out and get one herself. We used a black Topshop boilersuit that used white stitching and matched with a pair of black closed in Jimmy Choos. I couldn't believe how quickly the turn around on the emotional rollercoaster the boilersuit can create.

I decided to take it upon myself to get my instagram followers voting. I posted a photo of a boilersuit that he had from the photoshoot, and asked them a very simple question. 'How do we feel about boilersuits?' It was like watching a horse race, you think that 'Red Rum' is going to loose but then just on the straight he gets over taken by 'Golden Miller'. This was exactly what happened with the voting by my followers. It seemed that majority were in favour of dislike for the suit, but just before the story was going to expire the votes showed that 52% voted in favour and 48% weren't so keen.

The Evening Standard also noted this split down the middle opinion that people had towards the statement garment. Karen Dacre compares the division to 'a group who split down the middle, with half disturbed by the prospect of fruit and mozzarella in such close proximity'. Just like the division you would see in a group of people asked if they liked pineapple on their pizza.

My opinion? I love the boiler suit. Although offensive at first glance, there is much more to it than just a rugged pair of overalls. You are able to dress for literally any occasion, while being able to conquer any task for the day whether it is hands on or not. Whether you would reach for a subtle neutral colour, or go to town with a bold orange or pink, there is one for everyone out there. But get in there quick as everything is pretty much sold out on all websites. This is a trend that isn't about to disappear overnight.

Here a few picks of my favourite boiler suits that can make you stand out in the right way.

H&M - £17.99

M.C Overalls - £150

Topshop - £65 (Sold out online)

L F Markey - £180

Olivia x

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