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Starting up my first Depop

Since 2016 I have know about Depop, and have known my friends to purchase and sell items on this exciting ‘new’ app. I say ‘new’ ironically as it is all new to me now. But is definitely no longer new to the rest of my generation. I must have been hiding under a rock to have only just discovered the treasure trove that this app really is. Why hadn’t I been on the bandwagon earlier, while all my friends were selling and arguing about the latest trends that they were seeing online? I admit that I wasn’t keen on spending hours scrolling through the app to find a good deal, and my knowledge of the fast fashion industry was not as it is now. As time has passed, I have learnt about the importance of thrift shopping and purchasing vintage clothes is not only better for the environment… but you find unique and exciting pieces. However, the clothing that I was going to be selling, was not as Instagram worthy, but were clothes that I had been hiding since my teenage years. My soul use for the app was to sell my items for under £10 and hopefully get some money for my sad unemployed self.

So what is Depop? Founded in 2011, Depop was initially designed to create a platform for young designers and collectors to sell their work or what they have found. However, what has happened instead is that instead of this group there have been a world of girls that want to sell their entire wardrobe. The app has around 10 million users and most of those reside in the UK. In a Guardian article titled “‘Everyone I know buys vintage’: the Depop sellers shaking up fashion”, Sarah Butler states that the app takes more than £300m a year in sales, and this figure doubles year on year. Butler also mentions that, “80% of whom are aged 13 to 24, and buy an average of 20,000 items a day. It reckons that hundreds of its top sellers make more than £150,000 a year selling online”. It is clear that Depop has started the trend that second hand no longer means second best. The rise of Depop's users is believed to be due to the fact that, Ebay is more complicated and Depop's layout is much more usable.

Back in Jersey and with endless time on my hands to clean out my draws and wardrobe, the idea came to me in an instant. I should try and sell my unused clothes on Depop! As I am currently unemployed, this would be an excellent way to use up my time productively, and hopefully get a small income. All in all letting my dust covered clothes find a new home and be finally worn.

My first job was to sort out what I wanted to keep, what I know wouldn't sell and therefore would go to Hospice, and what should be sold. I felt full of optimism as my pile of clothes were piling up next me on the floor. The ‘dollar’ signs were shining away in every item I pulled out from the depths of my cupboard with excitement.

The second task was to take photos of each garment and write a small description. Having done my research I scrolled through the endless profiles and successful accounts that had upwards of 40K following to see how they were photographed and described. For me this was the hardest and most tedious part, as almost every single photo had the person wearing the item of clothing to show how it would look on. Unfortunately a lot of the clothing I was selling was due to the fact that they no longer fitted. I pushed on and squeezed myself in and out of items, creating a minor sweat in the process as I aimed to get all my photos done and dusted in one day.

Third task… patiently wait as the items were liked and see if I could make a sale.

This is where all my excitement has slowly died down, where I am currently sat in a pool of my own tears as I have not yet sold anything. Maybe these things take time? Maybe I am not selling items that people want? I just assumed that because I was listing all my items at a realistic and affordable price they would be snapped up. Yes I have had some interest in some items, no one has taken the next step to actually purchase any of them. However, I have not yet lost all hope, I am still checking it daily and making slight amendments to my posts where I feel necessary i.e. adding tags so that I can be found easily in searches. I don’t know why, but I assumed that these things boom over night.

So where am I going wrong? As I mentioned earlier, it helps if you have the ‘right’ kind of clothes to sell. As you can see from the screenshot of my app, I was not selling the hip and fashionable items. People that are making serious money from Depop are selling the bucket hats, designer clothes and anything that is quirky and people are looking for. I don’t think my clothes are exciting enough. I shall stay strong and persevere on… I don’t give up easily and will keen you up to date of what happens to my bundle of clothes that are patiently waiting to be sold and find a new home.

My clothes patiently waiting to be sold!

Will keep you up to date on any progression!

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