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Sustainable Sweep: HANGA

Welcome to my new Sustainable Sweep series that is sweeping your wardrobes and screens clean of all the clogged fast fashion buildup. Eww.

By now we should all be well versed on the importance of shopping sustainably, but with fast fashions behemoth influence, finding new and exciting brands that are driving for sustainability in such a heavily saturated market, can often feel impossible.

It is now time that we take things into our own hands and start making eco-friendly choices, with a Sustainable Sweep of our wardrobe, we can do just that! Let’s champion brands that are going to better the planet and the workers that make their products.

I hope this series will inspire and highlight the need for a more eco-conscious mindset in not only fashion, beauty and interiors, but within all aspects of your life. Yes, it is possible to love shopping and be mindful of your habits, and now it is more important than ever that we control the conversation around sustainability. And, what’s better than finding out about exciting brands that are pioneering a movement towards eco-friendly shopping? Absolutely nothing! So without further ado…

This week I’m shouting about… Hanga: a sustainably focused brand that produces beautifully crafted plant pot hangers and bags.

Founded by Victoria Bolt, or rather ‘Tor’; Hanga came about after Tor's second child left the nest, and she realised there was some extra time on her hands, and with with a piece of rope and an idea, started making very basic plant hangers for her house in Stourbridge, UK. After seeing similar plant hangers on the market, Tor wanted to create something that she would like to see in her own home. Inspired by music, fashion and nature, the decorative hanging planters take on a laid back 70s influence through dreamy pastel hues, and raw earthy qualities. Now that most of us are either working from home, or spending more time there, incorporating greenery into our spaces is a perfect way to feel closer to nature.

After only starting off with the Macrame plant holders in March 2019, the brand made the leap to handbags, and haven’t looked back since - and have been featured in British Vogue Editorial in June 2020! All pieces are hand made by Tor, who runs the one woman sustainable brand from her home, in between running about and looking after her two kids.

It was always vital for Tor, to use high quality materials, which is why her rope is made from 100% recycled cotton that is sourced from a small and independent business in Devon. Hanga not only supports the slow fashion movement, but also the small business model, where Tor sources her brass hanger hoops and keychain loops from another small business close to where she lives.

While it is almost impossible to pick a favourite item from a flurry of absolute gems, if I had to give it a stab, the Blush and Powder Blue Multi Mini Bags would be an easy option. Come rain or shine, you’ll find me with a cute mini wrapped around my arm. The multifaceted tote is the snazziest little accompaniment for weekend trips to the farmers market, returning books to the library, popping out to town, or when it gets warmer, it will carry all your goodies to the beach. I’m whole heartedly obsessed with the multi-coloured pastel ensemble that gives me all kinds of nostalgia vibes, but is also modern and very much on trend.

If all the beauty and sustainable goodness isn’t enough, Hanga triumphs others as a zero waste brand. Music to my ears! All of the brands packaging is made using recycled card and paper, and is designed and printed by a small business close by.

Statement colours - check, bespoke and handmade over mass production - check, self taught turned hanging goddess - check. Watch this space, as you’ll have a Hanga hanging from your ceiling or arm soon. #knotjokingmate

Check out Hanga's website here.

And give the brand a follow on Instagram here.

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