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Sustainable Sweep: Wild Fawn Jewellery

It’s time to go wild for sustainable jewellery!

Welcome to my Sustainable Sweep series that is sweeping your wardrobes and screens clean of all the clogged fast fashion buildup. Eww.

By now we should all be well versed on the importance of shopping sustainably, but with fast fashions behemoth influence, finding new and exciting brands that are driving for sustainability in such a heavily saturated market, can often feel impossible.

It is now time that we take things into our own hands and start making eco-friendly choices, with a Sustainable Sweep of our wardrobe, we can do just that! Let’s champion brands that are going to better the planet and the workers that make their products.

I hope this series will inspire and highlight the need for a more eco-conscious mindset in not only fashion, beauty and interiors, but within all aspects of your life. Yes, it is possible to love shopping and be mindful of your habits, and now it is more important than ever that we control the conversation around sustainability. And, what’s better than finding out about exciting brands that are pioneering a movement towards eco-friendly shopping? Absolutely nothing! So without further ado…

This week I’m shouting about… WILD FAWN JEWELLERY: a sustainably focused brand that produces handmade eco-minded jewellery that you'll wear for a lifetime.

When discussions of sustainability are brought up in the fashion world, often more times than not, jewellery will be overlooked. Addressing a need for sustainable jewellery can be a bit of a sticky topic to bring up, as let’s not forget, those gorgeous stones that we fantasise about owning - sadly come at a cost. It’s time we turned our attention to brands that match our eco-mindset, values and care about traceability - and Wild Fawn is clearly one to watch.

Founded by Emma Barnes in 2015, what initially started out as a hobby, quickly blossomed from a passion into a flourishing business. Emma began making jewellery for her friends and family, while also studying silversmithing in her spare time, and noticed there was a lack of affordable and eco-conscious jewellery on the market. With a background in Anthropology, it is always important for Emma, to know exactly where and how her materials are sourced, and how the people and cultures can be negatively affected by mining our favourite metals.

It’s not just Wild Fawn’s ethos that will draw you in; their minimal designs are perfect for everyday wear, and mean that you will never have to go naked… from jewellery of course. Quality over quantity takes priority, as each piece is made to order, by hand, in their South East London studio. Wild Fawn are creating pieces of jewellery that you will savour for a lifetime, that don’t last for just a season, and will be durable as you navigate through your day.

By using solid Sterling Silver and Gold, Wild Fawn ensure that the colour won’t fade over time, which means you can cherish them for longer. YAY! As a registered fair trade business, the brand tries to work with recycled gold and recycled silver wherever possible. All of their stones are sustainably sourced, and if that’s not enough, the brand’s packaging is recycled and recyclable! Is there anything Wild Fawn can’t do?

It is clear that Emma’s spearheading mission to create change within the jewellery industry, proves that ethical and eco-friendly jewellery doesn’t need to cost the earth, or break the bank. Exciting things to come for Wild Fawn, and I can’t wait to see what they are!

Shop their best sellers below:

Silver Ancient Signet Ring, £48.00, www.wildfawnjewellery.com

9ct Gold Filigree Oval Studs, £132, www.wildfawnjewellery.com

9ct Gold Love-Knot Necklace, £140, www.wildfawnjewellery.com

9ct Gold Saint Christopher Medallion, £190, www.wildfawnjewellery.com

Minimal Circle Ring, £42, www.wildfawnjewellery.com

9ct Gold Pearl Hoops, £62, www.wildfawnjewellery.com

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