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What is Cottagecore, and why is it this summers most viral trend?

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Cottagecore is a universe where toxic and hateful traits do not exist. So, what's not to love about a serene and gentle place where you can escape the craziness of the world around you?

You’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t noticed the quintessentially picturesque images of influencers in floaty prarie dresses frolicking in fields across your social media accounts. While this may have been an aesthetic that you have been admiring for a while, we now have a name for it - #cottagecore. The pastoral sweeping lifestyle has mustered up a platform on TikTok and Instagram in the last few months, and has become an idealised lifestyle that people of all ages are wanting to embrace.

My dream cottage thanks to Pinterest

Picture a pastoral painting with thatched roofed houses, and quaint country hills with wild animals running free - this is the basic idea of what cottagecore is. According to Urban Dictionaries definition, cottagecore is: “A niche aesthetic based around the visual culture of an idealised life on a Western farm. Common themes include sustainability, gardens, farm animals, rural living, and nature.” It is no surprise that people have flocked to the trend, as the cottagecore lifestyle allows its wearer and admirer to escape the city and small apartment that many people have been stuck in for Covid-19 lockdown, and transported them to an idyllic and serene space that feels homely and can bring tranquility in an uncertain time.

If you aren’t already a hardcore fan like me, you could be an unknowing fan of cottagecore. Do you listen to Bon Iver, read Thomas Hardy or rewatch Pride and Prejudice yearly (like I do)? Or maybe you have a healthy (or not so healthy) obsession with the fashion in Little Woman and Emma? Oh, and Taylor Swift has just released ‘Folklore’, which is essentially cottagecore encapsulated in an album. Lockdown has been the perfect environment for this trend to flourish as we have had to go back to basics while working from home, baking copious amounts of banana bread and going on long daily walks. Lockdown was also the time for people to pick up hobbies like crocheting, knitting and sewing, weaving into the idyllic vision of a calm and cosy aesthetic that cottagecore is known for.

Cottagecore Aesthetic Credit: Pinterest

Although the word, cottagecore, may have only been added in 2019, if you have been following fashion you will have noticed that this trend has been around for a while. Brands like Cecilie Bahnsen, Simone Rocha, Laura Ashley, &Daughter and Sleeper, are some of the brands that have built their companies on a rustic, prarie and folklore inspired style of clothing.

L-R: Cecilie Bahnsen, Simone Rocha, Vinatge Laura Ashley, &Daughter and Sleeper

What defines cottagecore fashion? Think gingham, prairie dresses, puffy sleeves, woven baskets, clogs and over sized hats - remember, aim for dressing as if you are going to run through wheat fields, or a luscious woodland. As well as cottagecore being a viral trend on Tiktok, a certain dress has become the star of the show: the Lirika Matoshi strawberry dress. This is a chiffon mesh baby pink dress with puff sleeves, and sequenced strawberries, and is obviously perfect for picking strawberries (it even has its own article on Insider). However, this is a blinged up example of what this aesthetic represents, but regardless of whether you are looking for a glam or rustic version, cottagecore is able to meet the needs of anyone that wants to embrace it. Now I'll just get back to knitting my perfect throw for my bed.

You can shop my edit on Moonsift - https://www.moonsift.com/collection/HsbiatknwyN0fXN8RDM1vxKtyqK2/zlTrdFsDuJnGjV3os4DT

Here are my 10 best pieces for cottagecore inspo, this summers 'it' trend -

& Other Stories dress, £120, www.stories.com (made with organic cotton)

Yolke dress, £185, www.yolke.com

Topshop, SALE £28, www.topshop.com

Baggu Big Bag, £13, www.couvertureandthegarbstore.com

Zara playsuit, £25.99, www.zara.com (Care for fiber: at least 75% TENCEL™ Lyocell.)

&Daughter dress at Net-A-Porter, £445, www.net-a-porter.com

Dôen top at Net-A-Porter, £215, www.net-a-porter.com

Ganni trousers, £175, www.ganni.com

Salt-Water sandal at Office, SALE £52, www.office.com

Oliver Bonas straw bag, SALE £28, www.oliverbonas.com

Cos hat, £39, www.cosstore.com

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